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What BB Nova Scotia offer to our Members

Included in your BB Nova Scotia Subscription?

The great thing about BB Nova Scotia is its categorization and search capabilities.
You not only can list BB's, but Cottages, Inns and Resorts as well.
All navigation links are in the right sidebar so your users don't have to keep clicking back, this gives the user a much quicker and easier way to search.

Main Body of Your Page:

  • Large name title: The name of your property or your business title.
  • Large introduction photo.
  • Website link to your own website.
  • General description of your property.
  • All of your contact information including a direct link to your email.
  • Room rates and any other important seasonal information.
  • Four large photos and room descriptions or any other information you may wish to add.
  • Photo Gallery of your property, with zoom animation, add up to 5 photos and a brief description of each.
  • Below the photo gallery we give you the ability to add more written content as a closing statement on your business or any other important information you wish to add to your page, such as a cancelation policy, payment methods, directions etc.

Right Side Bar of Your Page:

  • We give you the ability to add 3 outside links to the right sidebar, these links can be to any web address you like. Trip Advisor, Associations, Facebook etc.
  • Add a property photo to the right sidebar.
  • Add a Map Link to the right sidebar of your listing.
  • Email this page link form from your listing page, a direct link will be located at the bottom of your listing.

Search Engine Optimization:

We will add all the necessary backend code to your listing enabling Search Engines to easily index your listing.
We Will add the following:

  • Title tags which will include 7 keywords
  • Description tag with a full description of your property
  • Keywords meta tags
  • Sitemap inclusion

These tags are very important and the reason we stress this here is because most indexing portal do not add this content.

What make BB Nova Scotia different from all other web indexing websites, is that you can customize your own listing any way you want.
And you can also change any of the above anytime you want.

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